About Us

We've been travelling since 1982 when we went on a grand tour of European Capitols for our honeymoon.  Since then we've, together, traveled to 66 countries and 6 continents.

Larry is the photographer.  He recently retired from his long career in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to now travel more and write about all the adventures that we've had.

Sue is an artist and techie - And likes to fool around with websites. 


This site is our first attempt to tell our travel story in almost real time.  We are starting with our trip to Spain and Morocco in February 2018.  If it works well we'll start adding stories about many of the adventures we've had over the years.  From the visit to Ukraine just before the 2014 insurrection to the 1988 Indonesian trip to see the Total Eclipse of the sun - we have stories to tell....

We hope you enjoy!


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